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What is White Pepper ?

White pepper is a common seasoning used in Chinese cuisine and is it different from black pepper or Sichuan peppercorns. White pepper is known for its sharp bite and is used to add extra flavor to Chinese soups, marinades for meat and poultry, and spicier stir-frys. It’s also used in white sauces and dishes such as potatoes where the color of black pepper would detract from the appearance of the dish.

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    White Pepper Ground

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    Piper Nigrum

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    100% Natural


What’s the Difference Between Black and White Pepper ?

Black and white peppercorns are both the fruit of the pepper plant, but they are processed differently. Black peppercorns are picked when almost ripe and sun-dried, turning the outer layer black. To produce white peppercorns, this outer layer is removed before or after drying, leaving only the inner seed.

White pepper tastes hotter than black but is less complex, with fewer flavor notes. High-quality peppercorns of either type are more aromatic and have more floral, spice, and fruit notes than generic ones. Freshness is key to good white pepper, which turns stale and bitter faster than black.

While black pepper is more common in American kitchens, using white pepper in light-colored dishes for aesthetic reasons. However, white pepper is also used in some cuisines for its specific flavor. It is common in Chinese cooking, and also in aromatic Vietnamese soups and pork dishes.

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